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Efficiency or Style? Why Choosing the Right Door Can Give you Both

When you're getting ready to purchase a door, it's very easy to get hung up on points of efficiency, style or security. But what if you could get a door that meets your needs across the board? To make this happen, it's vital that you know the options you have available and the advantages of each. Here's a quick overview of what your options are and what each option will do for your door.

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Tyvek Building Wraps vs. Zip Systems: What Works Best?

When it comes to creating the best possible building envelope, there's no doubt that systems available today provide superior weatherization when compared to past practices of using roofing felt, plastic or similar substances. But when it comes to Tyvek building wraps or Zip Systems panels, which one is best for your project? Let's take a look and see which one works best in terms of installation and performance.

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What's up with the new OSHA crystalline silica regulations?

Silica is a very common compound in our world. It makes up the sand from the beach and quarries, is used in glass production and is one of the primary components in those little packets that come with new shoes and medications to reduce moisture. But when it shows up in the wrong place, like your crew's respiratory system, it can cause serious health problems including cancer and lung tissue scarring. OSHA created a new regulation on crystalline silica to help prevent this occupational hazard, but as with everything from the government, sometimes the more they say, the more confused the rest of us get. Here's a quick summary to help you keep your crew safe.

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Stacking the Deck: Different Types of Decking Materials

With beautiful weather just around the corner, you know it's time to take a good hard look at building a new deck or replacing bad decking on your existing deck. But what kind of decking should you use with all the options available today? Here are a few to consider:

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